Investigate Joe and Hunter Biden’s shady overseas business deals!


I don’t want their anti-Trump agenda jeopardized

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The Democrats and liberal media have been on a years-long crusade in their attempt to smear President Trump as a “foreign agent” whose loyalties are compromised against America as a result of greed. But recent revelations about liberal darling, Democrat presidential nominee, and ex-Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter have put them in a difficult -- and some would say well deserved -- situation.

The senior Biden is coming under increasing scrutiny for allegedly shielding his son from scrutiny for holding a seat on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company that he was questionably qualified for.

Additionally, Hunter Biden’s lucrative connections to China -- including a stake in an equity firm allegedly worth millions of dollars -- have drawn criticism. The younger Biden resigned from the firm’s board of directors, but still hold his ownership stake. Many people find these deals suspicious because of the difficulty it would take normal American business -- one that isn’t connected to a Vice President -- to obtain.

As American Patriot Daily continues our coverage of the ongoing revelations into the Biden’s suspicious deals, we are gathering the public’s opinion in order to provide you with the most relevant news and analysis.

Should the Department of Justice investigate the Biden’s shady overseas dealings?