I strongly approve of Justice Gorsuch’s Supreme Court rulings and conduct so far.


Justice Gorsuch has been OK so far, but he could be better.


Justice Gorsuch’s Supreme Court rulings are far too conservative in my opinion.


is too early for me to tell if Justice Gorsuch will be a true conservative on the Supreme Court

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President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch has issued his first rulings.

So far, Justice Gorsuch’s rulings have leaned strongly towards conservative positions on gun control, President Trump’s travel ban executive order, campaign finance, and other issues.

After these initial rulings, left-leaning publication Slate ran an article titled “Neil Gorsuch is everything liberals feared – and more”, while Senator Dianne Feinstein declared “[w]e’ve got another Scalia.”

Conservatives and Republicans, on the other hand, have largely lauded Justice Gorsuch’s opinions thus far.

So now, we want to know your thoughts.

How would you rate Justice Gorsuch’s performance on the Supreme Court so far?